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The Twelve

“The Twelve” tells the story of twelve spiritual Elders from around the globe who gather at the United Nations in New York to create a unique ritual for Humankind and planet Earth. By interviewing each one of them in their home environments, the film is told exclusively through the voices of these Elders. They give an unprecedented insight into their knowledge, traditions and rituals. Each of the twelve share a long forgotten wisdom and knowing of our eternal and complex connection with Nature and all of humanity, reminding us what it means to be human and how to live in harmony with each other and with Nature. We follow the Elders as they travel for the first time to New York and witness the powerful energy of their three day reunion. Their messages are unified in what needs to be done to change the course our planet is taking. The Twelve are from Australia, Alaska, Brazil, Botswana, Colombia, Gabon, Japan, Nepal, Mexico and Siberia. 

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A film by Le Ciel Foundation & Cause and Effect Films



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