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Step Inside the Circle

A penetrating examination of how childhood trauma is one of the key factors behind America’s escalating levels of incarceration. Many of the men and women living behind bars aren’t aware of their Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Compassion Trauma Circle is one of the ways to raise awareness about what happens when the brain and body are traumatized before the age of eighteen.

Those who have experienced the Compassion Trauma Circle and have learned about the symptoms of trauma feel a sense of relief and self-forgiveness. It has given them understanding about their past behavior and opens a doorway to forgiveness, making amends and healing.  

The film is a call to action: to spread the word about Adverse Childhood Trauma (ACEs), to understand the physical, emotional and social impact ACEs have wrought on our society and to stress the importance of care (not punishment) going forward in the criminal justice system.  

A film by Fritzi Horstman



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