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Down to Earth

This is the story of a family who broke with convention and went on a five-year journey to find a new perspective on life.  Living with indigenous communities all over the world, their journey has led to a thought-provoking cinematic experience of ancient, earthly wisdom.

To support the emerging global movement of People-Powered Change, we have decided to make the film available to everyone. We are moving away from the traditional transactional model and take the unconventional route to offer the film in a ‘contribute-as-you-like’ model instead. People decide after watching the film if and how much they would like to contribute. This way we make sure that as many people as possible can watch the film, without money being a threshold. We trust we will get the support we need in our endeavor to bring the message of the Earth Keepers to a global audience. With your contribution we can continue to support initiatives around the world and invite people to start their own initiative of People-Powered Change. For every contribution we will donate a 1M square of land through Earth Today and there are other gifts on people’s donation.

The film is available in six other languages on the website. You can find more info HERE.

A film by Down to Earth



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