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Ram Dass – Fierce Grace

Ram Dass (aka Richard Alpert) has been at the forefront of studies in consciousness for over 55 years. Dismissed from Harvard due to the controversial nature of his research with LSD and other phychedelics, he continued with his exploration of human consciousness, which later evolved and transformed upon meeting his Guru in India.

After suffering a massive stroke in 1997, Ram Dass was given the ultimate test. This moving film tells the story of using his own practices to deal with his stroke, his suffering and its alleviation.

“Heartbreaking and inspiring! Counterculture mavens will doubtlessly flip…but even mainstream audiences may find themselves nourished by this generous reflection on a life well lived.” — Stephen Garrett, Time Out New York

“A generous and inspiring film that unfolds with grace and humor and gradually becomes a testament to faith.” — Edward Guthmann, San Francisco Chronicle

“I was not prepared to be as moved as I was by Mickey Lemle’s RAM DASS  FIERCE GRACE.” – Andrew Sarris, NY Observer

A film by Mickey Lemle



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